Workout With Me

Are you ready to become the strongest, healthiest, most beautiful version of yourself?

As a girl on my own health and fitness journey, I understand the struggle. I understand the pressure to be perfect, and I know what it’s like to feel alone and unsupported (read my story here). My job is to make sure you don’t feel like that. Ever.

Who is this challenge for?

The people who enroll are busy moms and/or professionals. Some have never entered a gym, while others are training for their third marathon. Some are trying to lose the baby weight, while others are simply trying to get back to feeling fit and healthy.

What makes this challenge unique?

This challenge works because we give you everything need to get the results you want: workouts that are proven to work, the absolute best completely natural health shake on the market, and support that won’t let you fail.

What else do you get?

One-on-one experience: This means 24/7 online access via a personalized messaging system with guaranteed responses within a 48-hour time period. Your time is important and I value giving you what you need, when you need it, so that you can feel confident knowing you’re on the right track.

Personalized plans: The hardest thing about getting in shape is finding a plan that matches your unique needs, goals, lifestyle, and even the available time you have to exercise. Whether you want to lose the baby belly, tone up, or train for a marathon, there’s something for you.

Nutrition guide: You will actually know exactly what to eat and when to eat it! Each program comes with a sample meal plan and easy to follow recipes.

Risk-free: Wanna know why our customer approval rating is high? Because this isn’t about trapping you! If you decide that this challenge isn’t right for you, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee —no questions asked. Super simple.

How does the challenge work?

The first thing we do is find out what your needs, goals and fitness fantasies are. Then we talk about your lifestyle, likes/dislikes, and the available time you have to make these fantasies come to life!

Where does it take place?

The magic takes place in a safe, private, nonjudgemental Facebook group where you will be able to connect, ask questions, share your wins, your struggles, be vulnerable and support each other. No topic is off limits. No questions will go unanswered. No ideas will be dismissed.

Not only do you get a workout program and meal replacement. You get:

FREE personal online consultant
FREE support and encouragement
FREE recipes and fitness tips
FREE motivation and free help

All you need to purchase is a Challenge Pack of your choice (I will help you choose the best one to fit your needs). This includes your DVD workouts, calendar, fitness tracker, measuring tape, nutritional guide and 30 days of Shakeology.

*Please be advised that this is a high-level, incredibly intimate coaching program. Basically, we get REAL.
EXCLUSIVE CRIS N’ TELL OFFER: If you have never been in one of my challenge groups and join my next one I will automatically send you $25 via Paypal as a thank you for committing to join!

Find out straight from my CEO why this philosophy is so LEGIT:

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