I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and my life-changing journey towards wellness.

I’m a communications graduate, a writer, a blogger, a chef, but above all, a wife to a handsome New Yorker, and mama to the sweetest little boy named William Robert or as we like to call him, “WillRo.”


Before baby and wedding bells, I was living in Miami working as a weather reporter for a morning show called “Despierta America.”

primer dia

Living in one of the world’s most popular vacation spots was a blast, but at the same time I felt A LOT of pressure to look my absolute best –skinny wasn’t enough, I needed some MUSCLE!

Flipping the channels one lazy afternoon I came across an infomercial that was showing these crazy weight loss transformations. These guys were far from skinny, they were ripped! And they kept saying it was the hardest workout put on DVD but that amazing results could be achieved in 60 days!

insanity before after

“I can look like THAT in two months? Without going to a gym? Without hiring a trainer? In my own living room? On my own schedule?” And that’s when I bought INSANITY.

But I have to be honest here… I played around with the workouts, but never really took the program seriously. I didn’t know that behind those DVDs and nutritional guide was the world of challenge groups, Beachbody coaches and Shakeology. I was lost and therefore lost motivation.

Things didn’t get any better from there. Somehow along the way, I took a bad turn. I started smoking cigarettes every day and ate very little, very unhealthy foods. You may have seen a pretty weather reporter, but behind all the makeup, big smile and perky personality was a tired, insecure girl.

me and maity

Fast forward six months… I was sick and tired of having a long distance relationship! I knew that if I stayed any longer in Miami, the bond Pete and I had was going to deteriorate. So I left the world of TV, packed my bags, and moved to Augsburg, Germany to be reunited with my best friend and the man I was going to call my husband.


Germany was everything I had hoped for. I loved my new life –the schnitzels, the dirndls, the gothic architecture and the fact that I was no longer seeing my fiancé on a computer screen every day!


But as crazy as it sounds, I MISSED MY JOB. No, not the cigarettes, junk food, or even being in front of a camera. I missed having a routine, I missed goofing around with my coworkers, I missed overcoming challenges, I missed contributing to society, I missed being recognized for my achievements, I missed earning a PAYCHECK!

cast goofing around








I was venting these feelings to my girlfriend, Leah. Being in the hockey world herself, she knew exactly where I was coming from and began to tell me about this company she was working for called Beachbody.

“I workout to their programs, drink their health shake, share my experience and build a team helping others reach their own goals. Plus you can do it from anywhere around the world and get paid every week!”

Having nothing to lose and much time to spare, I decided to join her team.

I dusted off my INSANITY program, began pushing play and drank Shakeology every single day. I reported my progress to my coach and shared my experience on Facebook. Eight weeks later, my body was a lean, mean INSANITY-crushing machine. But above all I FELT incredible –I had more energy and I was just an all-around happier person.

Day 1 vs Day 60 of INSANITY
Day 1 vs Day 60 of INSANITY

As I shared my experience, I began to attract like-minded people that wanted to join my journey. In the process I made new friends and had even more accountability –which played a huge role in completing the program successfully. Thanks to Beachbody, I felt as beautiful as I’ve ever felt on our wedding day.

Cristina + Peter

What started as an impulse buy quickly developed into a hobby, then a lifestyle and now a career. I wake up every morning and share what I love. I share the wonders of Shakeology and at-home workouts, I share what moves and inspires me in hopes to improve your life or just brighten your day.

When I’m not working on my business, I’m changing diapers, walking puppies, eating out, cooking Mexican food, FaceTiming family, exploring new cities, and rooting for my hubby at his games. I hope you’ll stick around this page and come back looking for a smile, a word of encouragement, a new recipe, or a little advice.

I’m here for you ❤


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