21 Day Fix: My results and brutally honest review

I told a friend the other day I was starting the 21 Day Fix. His response was: “Oh yeah, the tupperware diet.”

HA! That’s actually spot on.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve heard of the 21 Day Fix by fitness celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese. The program involves portion control with these “tupperware” containers along with 30 minute workouts.

So basically it’s eating healthy and exercising every day. Who knew?

The program is three weeks long, but you’re encouraged to do several rounds until you’ve reached your goal. Hopefully by then you’ve developed a habit and have a clear idea of what your portions should look like so you don’t have to be worried about bouncing back to the old you.

Today I’m going to give you a quick but honest review of my experience using the 21 Day Fix.

According to my weight, this is the amount of containers I need to eat on a daily basis:

21 day fix container counter

The first thing this program gave me was a reality check regarding my current eating habits. For instance, I realized I ate INSANE amount of carbs. The plan requires two yellow containers. A usual day for me would also involve two containers but, ahem…  at every meal.


Naturally, I was concerned I would be hungry. However, that was NOT the case. Hellooo protein. This is what saved me. Eggs, beef and chicken were a huge staple during these 21 days. Let’s not forget our trusty Shakeology, which also counts as a protein. Aside from filling every nutritional gap, this health shake worked great at suppressing my appetite for a while. Not to mention it tastes like a cheat meal.

chocolate flavor

And now the veggies. Oh-em-gee. This is the part where things get brutally honest.

You see, veggies are not my friends. I apparently never grew out of this stage as I am NOT a veggie eater. Unfortunately, there is not one single item on the list that I can actually enjoy chew without gagging, so you can imagine the torture I endured. (This is why I started drinking Shakeology years ago).

In all honesty, I ate the entire three containers one or two days –if that. It was way too tough for me to consume that amount of vegetables without bringing them right back up. I was starting to feel like a failure at this point. But thankfully this experience led me to create a “hidden veggie” meal plan, which turned into a total gem.

The workouts are tough –but not INSANITY tough– and there’s a modifier. I really like the fact that you can challenge yourself with weights. I know it’s a hassle getting them, but I promise you they’re a total game changer!

There’s nothing monotonous about the workouts. Every day you do something totally different –cardio, pilates, yoga, upper body, lower body –fat will be burned, muscles will be built. Plus watching Autumn Calabrese in action gets you pushing harder. Her. Bod. Is. Insane.

Autumn competition

It’s probably (definitely) a bad idea to put my before/after right below her but what the heck, I gotta put my rascal to bed. So I lost seven pounds total. The “Day 1” pic is actually my “after” from doing 60 days of INSANITY Max: 30 (check out the before pic here). Not too shabby, huh?


A few days after the “Day 21” photo was taken we took a family trip to Venice, Italy… Mama mia!! Let’s not get into any dirty details, but I will keep you posted on my next venture.

Wanna join me? Feel free to reach out here or fill out my challenge form below.

Until then, cheers to good health!



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