How I lost 5 pounds in 5 days


Let me start off by saying this: Losing five pounds in five days was NOT something I anticipated when I decided to commit to the 21 Day Fix program. In fact, that’s exactly what I had lost on my first TWO WEEKS of doing INSANITY Max:30 (without following the nutritional guide).

During these five days I learned two very valuable lessons:

Lesson #1: Nutrition really is 80% of the results.

Lesson #2: I eat way too many carbs.

Here’s the breakdown…

Day one: tough.

I couldn’t believe I was allowed only two yellow containers. I knew a BIG part of my diet consisted of either pasta, corn, potatoes, rice and/or beans. What I didn’t know was that my body needed such little of it. And four red containers –so much protein!! But the hardest part is the veggies… Not only are they the biggest containers, the program requires three every day!

Day two: two pounds down.

Nice. Now I’m pumped to keep going. I’m also realizing I’m never hungry. Sure, I prefer to double my carb intake, but I guess this is where I needed the most work on. I also feel more energized.

Day three: 3 pounds down.

I know I shouldn’t be paying attention to the scale, but man does it feel good to see those numbers go down! Who cares if I’m only allowed two yellows –I’m shedding these pounds I thought were going to be impossible to remove!

Day four: 4 pounds down.

Holy weight loss I’m on fiyah! Feeling my body change this much every single day is something I had never experienced before. The combination of diet and exercise truly is the secret to getting a better bod. I never really bought into that. My entire life I would just eat less and exercise harder. I never focused on eating the right combination and amount for my body. Tisk, tisk!

Day five: 5 pounds down and an “AHA!” moment.

It was around 8 p.m. My brother-in-law, my sister, the hubs and I were watching this movie called “The Gift.” If you know me, you know horror/thrillers FILL me with anxiety! And when I have this feeling, the first thing I want to do is compulsively munch on something –popcorn, chips, chocolate, anything!!!

Instead, I checked my app to see which containers I had leftover (doing this is actually kinda fun). I realized I hadn’t eaten any of my purple ones. So I went for a banana, which is perfect because each container counts as half a banana.

Normally in a scenario like this you would find me crunching on chips, smearing Nutella on toast, or dunking cookies in milk. An hour later you might even find me boiling water for some boxed mac n’ cheese. Eh, I’ll just workout twice as hard tomorrow. –> No joke, that’s me.

Not this time. Once that banana hit my stomach, I was done for the day. Seriously, no hunger. An hour went by. Two hours. I was actually satisfied. Why? Because I had filled every nutritional gap I needed for the day!

Every day I do one of the 30 minute workouts along with the 10 minute ab routine. I’m lucky enough to have a workout partner, my lovely Austrian neighbor, Myriam. Every time I feel like skipping a day, I get a text from her: “Let me know when you’re ready!”

She’s the best.


I’m also substituting one of my four red containers for Shakeology. This health shake curbs my appetite big time and it’s the ideal post-workout meal for some serious burst of nutrition.

How this program works:

Step 1: Find out what calorie bucket you fall into.

To get that number, you follow a simple formula the program gives you. I’m in the 1,200-1,500 calorie bracket, which means I get to eat three green containers, four red, two yellow, one blue and one orange.

Step 2: Find out what each container counts as.

Green – vegetables

Red – proteins

Yellow – carbohydrates

Blue – healthy fats

Orange – seeds, oils and salad dressings

Step 3: Choose your favorite ingredients from each list.

tally sheets

The program comes with a tally sheet where you can mark off which containers you’ve eaten. This is a great tool because it helps you keep track of what you have left. I used an app called “21 Day Fit Tracker.”

I can’t tell you how many people have told me, “Hey, those containers look really small. I’m worried I’m gonna be hungry.”

Nah-ah. I assure you, you will NOT be hungry, as these cute containers are deceivingly small.

Step 4: It’s grocery shopping time!

You’re going to feel so good at checkout buying all your favorite health foods. The best part about this is you won’t be spending on stuff you don’t really need.

Step 5: Prepare your meals.

I cooked all of my carbs and proteins –beans, rice, ground beef and chicken were my favs. On the day of I would prepare the veggies.

The program also teaches you what to do when you’re going to eat out. Here’s an example of what to do what you’re out for some good old Italian feasts!

Eating out Fix


Regarding the 21 Day Fix in general, I’m really impressed with the simplicity of the portion control tools, the modifiable (and short) workouts, easy recipe ideas, and the way it can be tailored to pretty much anyone, including vegans and vegetarians. Undoubtedly, this program has given me yet another reason to stand behind Beachbody.

Thanks so much for following my journey!

Be sure to subscribe to this blog to get notified of my two week progress! I’m so excited to see my final results and share them with you!

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Cheers to continued health,



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