Making Baby Mac: 6 Month Mark


Wow… I can’t believe I’ve been growing a human inside of me for the last six months. Feeling him kicking and squirming around feels surreal and I just can’t get enough of it.

How far along are you? 24 weeks on 2/16/2015.

How big is Baby Mac? My pregnancy app says he’s about the size of an eggplant or, according to The Pregnant Chicken, as long as a footlong sub.


Weight gain: 6 kilos or 13.2 pounds. Not sure if this is high or low, but it seems like I’m on the right track according to this diagram.


However, I have a feeling when I return home things won’t be as “average.” Cold upstate New York weather and Domino’s extra cheesy pepperoni pan pizza sound so freakin’ good right now.

pan pizza

Clothes: I haven’t really been in the mood to shop lately. But my girls Danielle and Jaime have been incredibly kind in letting me use some of their sweaters, baby bands and leggings. This has been a real life-saver since all my other clothes fit totally awkward.

Body: There’s no hiding the bump at this point, but if you see me, you would still hesitate to ask! I’m hoping to purchase some belly-emphasizing clothing soon so I’m not feeling defensive about looking pudgerrific.

photo 1-5notpregnant

Movement: Mostly when I lay on my back, but still soft flutters. I’ll get sudden jabs in my bladder which make me think I have to sprint to the bathroom every time!

Stretch marks? None yet, thankfully! I’ve been rubbing coconut oil right out of the shower and almond oil at night –stuff is amazing and so cheap. You can get some at:

almond oil

Sleep? I’ve been catching some delicious z’s lately along with some odd dreams. I’ll have to write these down, but some are worth keeping in my head –they’re that weird. Still waking up to pee but doesn’t even bother me at this point. I think I’m just sleep-walking and sleep-peeing the whole time.

Food cravings/aversions? COOKIES! I can’t get enough Subway cookies and I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on some Girl Scout’s Thin Mints when I get home. I really need to get my Shakeology in check before things get out of control.

thin mints

Exercising? I was horribly sick with a sinus infection last week, so today I’m back on the T25 boat. I honestly dread the thought of working out, but as usual end up feeling awesome afterwards.

photo 3.PNG

I have a couple preggo girls in my Babes Only challenge group, so it’s nice knowing I’m not alone. I’m looking forward to learning from my upcoming Fit Mama group starting March 9.

Healthy Mom = Healthy Family

Mood swings? Honestly, I think this stage has been the most “normal” so far. I will tell you this: I’m naturally a forgetful person, but this pregnancy brain has really taken things to a whole other level. Not the brightest bulb in the room at the moment.

pregnancy brain

Best moment of the week: Right on the 24th week mark, Pete and I witnessed my stomach move from little Mac’s kicking. That was really special.

Although I miss my family back home, it’s been really nice being able to spend this much quality time with my better half. I don’t know a lot of working spouses that are home by lunchtime so I’m really grateful that our lifestyle permits Pete and I to be together this much –it’ll come in extra handy when this kid comes into the picture, that’s for sure!


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